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Verily to Acquire SignalPath, Expanding the Company’s Clinical Research Capabilities

August 30, 2021


Written by: Crystal Zhao Kate Watkins

Verily recently announced its first major acquisition, a software platform known as SignalPath. SignalPath’s flagship software, TrialPath, digitizes and modulates individual protocols in a clinical trial, from budgeting to tracking point-of-care communication. The acquisition would fold SignalPath into Baseline, Verily’s clinical research platform designed to improve clinical trial execution, help research manage their clinical trials, and explore flexible study options for decentralized and hybrids trials as well as novel ways to capture real-world data (i.e., generated by novel sensors and biomarkers).

While many details of the agreement were not disclosed, including the financial terms, this deal could “set a new standard for clinical studies and evidence generation,” according to Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD, a former principal deputy commissioner at the FDA and current President of Clinical Studies Platforms at Verily. With a tech giant backing and a growing pipeline of digital technologies, including a virtual clinic that provides online care and coaching for chronic conditions, Verily can now use a new system to accelerate its research and trial processes, to quickly establish its presence in the DTx.


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