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Tom Rutkowski

Principal, Commercial Strategic Planning

Mr. Rutkowski is a Principal in CBPartners' Commercial Planning practice and the Portfolio Optimization Center of Excellence.

Mr. Rutkowski’s healthcare commercial planning and strategic marketing experience spans all stages of product development and a broad range of therapeutic areas, including oncology, cardiovascular, respiratory, and orphan diseases. Project expertise includes BD assessment, clinical plan development, product positioning, patient support services, and core market research (e.g., chart studies, buying processes, ATUs, etc.). A particular point of project emphasis for Mr. Rutkowski is his team’s ability to create a cohesive brand strategy by connecting both physician and payer insights.

Mr. Rutkowski has over a decade of experience in healthcare consulting where he has advised both large biopharma clients with diverse portfolios as well as innovative, single-asset biotech clients. Prior to joining CBPartners, Mr. Rutkowski was a marketing consultant for Publicis Sapient (Healthcare practice). Mr. Rutkowski holds a bachelor's degree from Cornell University with a major in Biological Engineering and a minor in Operation Research and Information Engineering.

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