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Temi is a Manager at CBPartners.

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Published Articles

Digital Therapeutics as Digital Companions: Models for Effective Pharma Partnerships

Pharma and biotech companies should be prepared to make long-term investments in capability building, market development, and evidence generation to maximize the value of digital companions.

Digital Health (Pt 1): Current Landscape and Payer Dynamics

Access and Reimbursement: Access to Digital Therapeutics in a Post-COVID-19 World

CBPartners’ in collaboration with Eric Bernath, explores the current USA access landscape, processes and pitfalls for companion digital therapeutics (DTx), as well as how the space is likely to evolve in the future, and lays out some best practices as suggested by USA payers to maximize chances of reimbursement.

Developing an Early Stage Biopharmaceutical Asset in Europe: Navigating Treacherous Waters

When biopharmaceutical products launch in the European Union, even experienced manufacturers can struggle to overcome the demanding standards of European payers. The complex market authorisation requirements and subsequent access decisions across 28 countries can lead to challenging timelines and confusing rollouts. Unfortunately for manufacturers, the future of European commercial planning is likely to become more challenging, as nations look to raise evidence standards and increase the scrutiny of pricing. Looking ahead over the next ten years, CBPartners is tracking many policy and payer trends which will affect the playing field for future launches. Examining these key trends in detail can provide further understanding of how manufacturers can create an “Early Asset Success Plan” for new products.

ICER and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers: Allies or Adversaries?

Since its founding in 2006, ICER has become an influential organization in the drug pricing and US healthcare landscape. ICER reports have been increasingly leveraged by payer organizations in coverage decisions; further, pharma has increasingly engaged with ICER when launching a product or announcing a new drug price. CBPartners US Center of Excellence explores whether ICER and pharmaceutical manufacturers are allies or adversaries.

Applying Technology in Pharma (ATP): Assessment of Investment Trends in Digital Health

VC investment in digital healthcare has been growing rapidly (+42% vs. 2017) as the potential of new technology to solve complex issues, ranging from providing healthcare services to managing chronic conditions, evolves. CBPartners takes a look at investment trends in digital health.