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Taylor Watson was a Manager at CBPartners.

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Published Articles

Fecal Transplant Treatment: The Messy Pathway to Reimbursement

Life sciences research continues to expand into new domains in the pursuit of innovative therapies. Along with this expansion comes a need for new regulations to ensure efficient and safe use of novel products. In the case of microbiome and fecal transplant therapeutics, the regulatory landscape is still uncertain, creating divergent outlooks for both patients and manufacturers alike. CBPartners has explored the pros and cons of different regulatory approaches, in order to better understand the balance of factors that will determine the future for this exciting area of research.

China: There’s a New NRDL in Town

Since the Chinese government brought a deluge of reforms to their pharmaceutical sector in 2018, it is no surprise 2019 is shaping up to be another game-changing year. CBPartners' Asia-Pacific Center of Excellence delivered insights about the evolving NRDL in China, as well as strategic considerations for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

China’s IPO-Inducing Gamble

CBPartners believes that Hong Kong’s loosening of its IPO listing criteria will result in material growth for the local biotech market; however, in mainland China, infrastructural obstacles remain (e.g., insufficient industry talent) which may slow biotech development regulatory incentives. CBPartners' Asia-Pacific Center of Excellence will continue to monitor this IPO evolution.

Cell and Gene Therapies: Paving the Commercial Pathways of Tomorrow

While advanced therapies such as cell and gene therapy have disrupted the healthcare industry, there is much that is still unknown – as well the current appetite for such therapies will wane as their approvals become more common, and the budget implications become real. CBPartners' Cell and Gene Therapy Center of Excellence explores the short and long-term commercial outlook for cell and gene therapies.

Vermont’s Drug Importation: Rubber, Meet Road

Vermont’s fledgling drug importation law has undergone preliminary savings analysis, with uninspiring projections of a 3.8% drug cost savings rate. CBPartners evaluates the real impact of this new policy.

China: Awakening the Pharmaceutical Innovation Giant

Evolving Reimbursement Dynamics in China

When the engine of innovation gets the green light of marketing authorisation, it is typically first in the USA, and sometimes for the EMA’s (European Medicines Agency) jurisdiction over much of Europe. Unfortunately, China is too often one the last markets among the major and highest-tier of emerging markets to be considered for broad patient access. CBPartners explores the evolving reimbursement dynamics in China.

Reframing the Opportunity: PDx Hope for Breast Cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month, and In light of our recent PDx (PD1 / PD-L1) analysis, CBPartners decided to take a closer look at the potential for these paradigm-shifting therapies to make a difference for patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

PDx Drugs: Emerging Secrets to Success (and Failures)

As a class, manufacturers of PDxs (PD1s / PD-L1) are enjoying great success when it comes to marketing authorisation, with four of the five brands achieving multiple FDA and EMA approvals. CBPartners takes a closer look at the successes and failures in this highly competitive class of drugs.