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Nelli Morgulchik is an Analyst at CBPartners.

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Published Articles

Trends and Dynamics of the Biosimilar Market across the EU, Latin America and Asia Pacific Regions

The biosimilar market is booming across the EU, Latin America and Asia Pacific regions. In this next episode of the multi-part biosimilar series, CBPartners’ regional Centers of Excellence teams provide expert insights into the trends and dynamics of the biosimilar market, with a particular focus on these regions.

Opportunities and Barriers for Biosimilar Uptake in the USA

In the first of a multi-part biosimilar podcast series, CBPartners Healthcare Consultants are joined by special guest Dr. Bhavesh Shah, Senior Director of Pharmacy Strategy at Boston Medical Center, to explore the evolving biosimilar landscape in the USA.

USA Policy Expectations for a New Administration

This episode, which kicks off season two of CBPartners’ Pharma Take-away, discusses the possible evolution of healthcare and healthcare policy in the United States, and explores the changes we may expect over the next few years as a result of the presidential election party transition.

The UK Introduces New Access and Licensing Pathway for Innovative Medicines

Digital Health (pt 3): Emergence of Companion Digital Treatments and Standalone Digital Therapeutics