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Kellie Rademacher

Principal, Value, Access, and Pricing

Ms. Rademacher is a Principal in CBPartners’ Value, Access, and Pricing practice, where she supports the U.S. Center of Excellence and focuses on managed markets strategy engagements. Her experience as a former payer access decision maker provides detailed insight in the development of market access strategies for both pre-launch and in-line assets within the U.S. Specifically, Ms. Rademacher supports asset development through various engagements, including: early stage / launch pricing, innovative and traditional contracting strategy, market access assessment, target product profile & optimized trial design review, and value message development / testing.

Ms. Rademacher has extensive experience working within payers and in engaging with payers and other healthcare stakeholders through various qualitative research methodologies, including in-depth interviews, live panels / ad-boards, and virtual panels.

Prior to joining CBPartners, Ms. Rademacher spent over five years with Precision for Value. Ms. Rademacher holds a Doctorate in Pharmacy from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.

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