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Jay Galli was a Manager at CBPartners.

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Published Articles

USA Policy Expectations for a New Administration

This episode, which kicks off season two of CBPartners’ Pharma Take-away, discusses the possible evolution of healthcare and healthcare policy in the United States, and explores the changes we may expect over the next few years as a result of the presidential election party transition.

The UK Introduces New Access and Licensing Pathway for Innovative Medicines

2020 USA Election & Drug Pricing Outlook

An analysis of the key drug pricing proposals in the 2020 USA Election in terms of political focus, party priorities, implementation feasibility, and potential risk to biopharma.

FDA Launches the Digital Health Center of Excellence

ISPOR Annual 2020: The Resultant Impact of HEOR Data on US Payer Formulary Coverage

A research poster identifying instances where manufacturer HEOR data and/or pharmacoeconomic models either influenced positive changes, or had limited tangible impact on resultant US payer coverage decisions.

CBPartners’ Pharma Take-Away: Cell and Gene Therapy Roundtable

In this episode, our host Jared Wolff is joined by healthcare consultants Sophie Katz (a core member of CBPartners' Cell and Gene Therapy Center of Excellence), and Jay Galli to discuss some interesting topics surrounding cell and gene therapies.