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Ismail Ismailoglu, PhD

Senior Manager

Ismail Ismailoglu, PhD, is a Senior Manager at CBPartners.

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Published Articles

Cell and Gene Therapy Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities for Biotech and Investors

Explore themes from biotech and investors in the cell and gene therapy space, as well as future-facing cell and gene therapy trends, new developments in the space, as well as what’s next.

Assessing the Value of Non-Curative Cell and Gene Therapies

Some cell and gene therapies without a curative promise have shown encouraging results for patients with chronic disorders, however manufacturers need to carefully design a value strategy for their non-curative assets to ensure maximum access and uptake in their target markets.

How Do Companies Spend the Revenue Generated from Blockbuster Drugs? A Closer Look at Vertex and Gilead

Blockbuster drugs can generate billions of dollars for pharmaceutical manufacturers, but what can be learned from the investment strategies that GILEAD and VERTEX pursued from the revenue that they generated from SOVALDI and ORKAMBI respectively?

The COVID-19 Pandemic: Pricing and Access Outlook for Future Innovative Drugs in Europe

Disruption in healthcare systems across Europe is rife due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with increasingly strained budgets, and shifting healthcare priorities.

Tumor-Agnostic Therapies: The Complex Path to Commercial Viability

The tumor-agnostic space is incredibly exciting and an area that is likely to be explored further. CBPartners’ blog post addresses the current precision medicine landscape, touching upon challenges, as well as key commercial considerations.

Genome Editing: An Introduction

A topic that is becoming increasingly popular in the healthcare space is Genome Editing. CBPartners’ Cell and Gene Therapy Center of Excellence team explores the development of these technologies as they present an immense opportunity for the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

American Society for Hematology (ASH) 2019 Annual Meeting: CAR T-Cell Therapy Innovation Talks

The American Society of Hematology’s (ASH) annual meeting is a well-established indicator of the innovations that are coming down the pipeline for hematologic diseases. CBPartners’ Cell and Gene Therapy Center of Excellence explored eight promising presentations from the CAR T event.

Do Cutting-Edge One-Time Treatments Need Equally Innovative Outcomes or Annuity Based Payment Models?

Eventual success of innovative payment models broadening access and realising the promise of cutting-edge, curative gene and cell therapies will depend on the ability of manufacturers and payers to compromise on risk sharing. Manufacturers of novel one-time treatments can increase the likelihood of successful negotiations by following a few guiding principles - CBPartners' Cell and Gene Therapy Center of Excellence analyse the future success of innovative payment models.

CAR T-Cell Combos: Potentially the Next Big Thing in Solid Tumors, Yet Pricing ‘Sticker Shock’ is not the Only Hurdle to be Overcome

After years of anticipation, CAR-Ts (chimeric antigen receptor–T-cells) finally made the transition from being promising future therapies, to breakthrough marketed products in 2017. CBPartners' Cell and Gene Therapy Center of Excellence explores the challenges that CAR-T combination therapies face.

Does the Fate of MS Pricing Lie in the Hands of Politicians or Manufacturers?

Yet another drug pricing debate has started to brew in the USA, with its epicentre right in DC. Two Democratic members of the US House (Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and Peter Welch (D-VT)), announced that they are launching an investigation into the pricing of disease-modifying treatments for multiple sclerosis (MS). CBPartners investigates MS pricing in the political context.