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Annabelle Brough is a Manager at CBPartners

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Published Articles

What Market Access Opportunities Exist for Rare Disease Products in China? An Analysis of Rare Disease Product Inclusion in the 2020 NRDL

The first of two articles investigating market access opportunities in China - CBPartners’ Asia-Pacific Center of Excellence analyzes the opportunities that lie ahead for rare disease products based on 2020 NRDL update inclusion.

Is the Pricing Discount for Chinese NRDL Inclusion Worth it? NRDL Commercial Impact Assessment

CBPartners Asia Pacific Center of Excellence team have analyzed the dynamics for drug products listed on China’s 2017 NRDL, and subsequent 2018 sales data, to better understand the commercial opportunity within China. Explore the research here.

China’s 2020 NRDL – Standout Features from the Finalized List

There have been several notable standout features in the 2020 NRDL including an update which saw manufacturer applications allowed for the first time compared to prior updates.

2020 USA Election & Drug Pricing Outlook

An analysis of the key drug pricing proposals in the 2020 USA Election in terms of political focus, party priorities, implementation feasibility, and potential risk to biopharma.

ISPOR Asia-Pacific 2020: Dancing with the Dragon – Considerations and Learnings in the 2019 China NRDL Negotiations

A research poster that aims to evaluate the outcomes of the 2019 NRDL negotiations involving PDx inhibitors and DAA products.

2019 NRDL: Insights for Future Pricing Negotiations in China

The 2019 NRDL update offers manufacturers key learnings and insights for future NRDL negotiations, particularly with respect to the negotiation tactics used in different disease areas. CBPartners' blog post examines how these learnings can help shape future NRDL negotiations.

Strategic Thinking: The Global Drug Launch Pricing Dilemma

Several factors contribute towards manufacturers seeking new ways to develop global drug pricing strategies. Product launches vary based on geography; when comparing the USA to EU, access outcomes can vary significantly based on whether or not the pivotal trial design has been optimized for each region.

The Cancer Drugs Fund: Paving the Way for Earlier and More Sustainable Access to Promising New Drugs

In 2011, The Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) was launched to help patients in England access cancer drugs that had been rejected by the NHS. CBPartners' European Center of Excellence discusses the benefits of early engagement with NICE for both manufacturers and patients alike.

NICE Invites Pharma to Start the Conversation Early, with a View Towards Shifting Away from ‘No’ as the Starting Point