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Our Culture

CBPartners’ culture is ingrained in the philosophy of the firm. It has continued to evolve naturally as CBPartners grows in local offices and as well as globally.

We value diversity

We place great value on the different backgrounds, identities, and expertise of the people we hire–because not only do diverse personalities contribute to a rich culture, diverse minds allow us to deliver the tailored, innovative solutions that our clients need.

Our growing culture initiatives provide strong global networks to support our employees in both their personal and professional development; providing opportunities to share thoughts, challenges, and successes in a welcoming and open environment.

As the firm continues to grow, developing a culture and environment that encourages the growth and success of women in a space like consulting, where they have often been underrepresented, is crucial. Women@CBP is committed to driving strategies which enable long-term female consulting careers.
CBPride is committed to supporting the long-term development of all employees, and recognizing success however they may identify, within a supportive and accepting culture.

We advocate responsibility

Life sciences is a high-stakes industry, and consulting within this space should be done responsibly to serve as a positive influence within the healthcare community. CBPartners is committed to acting responsibly towards our clients and our people; advocating responsible behavior across the firm.

We emphasize and sustain the pursuit of strategic quality, and appreciate and support the individual within the CBP environment. We embrace differences which allows diversity to enrich the firm’s culture and capabilities, and foster creativity, self-awareness, and resilience.


Our clients
Our people

Maintain a high standard of personal integrity and accountability and provide opportunity for our team members to reach their full potential, as professionals.


Create a sustainable and inclusive workplace environment that offers opportunities and resources for team growth and fulfilment


Engage all experts and other collaborators with steadfast diligence, respect (culturally and professionally), and confidentiality.


Foster creativity, self-awareness, and resilience, all while upholding standards of responsibility

Our people

We cultivate sustainability

We are committed to providing the support and resources needed for our employees to successfully develop in their roles, while also maintaining a good balance between work and personal life.

We are proud to offer a range of supportive programs that help to cultivate a sustainable workplace environment:

CBP Academy

We offer comprehensive new hire and management training programs, as well as ad-hoc training modules, to support sustainable development at the firm.

Coaching Program

Every employee is offered both informal and formal coaching to support professional and personal development.

Lifestyle Benefits

Lifestyle benefits such as the chance to work from a different office through our relocation program ‘GROW’, are available to request for those who have reached Senior Analyst or Senior Associate level.

Health & Wellness

We work hard to provide balance in the workplace and promote healthy habits through our health and wellness program; providing regular social and fitness events, catered meetings, healthy office snacks, and special events.

We promote entrepreneurialism

We provide opportunities to create real impact – within industry, through specialist career pathways, and within the firm through internal initiatives.

Entrepreneurialism in Healthcare:

While we staff consultants on diverse projects to build experience and knowledge, we also offer opportunities to specialize by geography, therapeutic area, or practice area.

We offer regular opportunities to become involved with international conferences and develop thought leadership for the firm.

Entrepreneurialism Within the Firm:

We offer channels for every employee to pitch and implement new ideas that could shape our culture and better our working practices firmwide.

CBPartners currently has over 50 firm-building initiatives for employees get involved with outside of project work –  from marketing and capabilities development work-streams, to creating new internal resources for the firm to use.

Latest career opportunities

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