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My Experience as a Summer Analyst: CBPartners’ Summer Internship Program

September 29, 2020

Culture Blog

Written by: Tessa Malone Emily Lewis

Why I Applied for a Summer Internship

I am a neuroscience major at Yale and have always had an interest in healthcare, but I was not sure where my interests would fit within the industry. I realized that an internship would provide me with the exposure and experience to help me understand what I wanted to do after university, so I joined a friend of mine to attend an on-campus event to see what opportunities were on offer.

My father was a financial consultant out of college, and through talking to him about his experiences, it cemented that I wanted an interactive learning-based internship, and that I wanted to opt for a role that was in consulting. While at the on-campus fair at Yale, I came across CBPartners and began to engage with a member of the recruitment team at the firm; we had a great discussion about life sciences and how a role at CBP is so much more than just completing a project – you are always learning, and the firm cares to invest in you and your career development.

I left the on-campus fair and researched more about CBPartners, exploring the website, scrolling through social media channels, and found myself resonating with a lot of the firm’s values. Based on my positive in-person interaction as well as realizing what I could gain from working at CBPartners, I applied for a summer internship and was later accepted at the New York office.

How CBPartners Differentiated from Competing Healthcare Strategy Consulting Firms

While exploring options for healthcare consulting internships, CBPartners truly stood out as a firm that values diversity. This was an important aspect for me as I believe who you are surrounded by plays a significant role in how you learn and grow. I wanted an enriching, fulfilling experience, not to just be another link in the chain at a larger organization. I could tell CBPartners had a genuine focus on my personal and professional growth.

My Training Week and Continued Learning at CBPartners

Fresh into my internship, I was immediately met with a well-organized training week agenda as part of CBP Academy. This was a five-day period of training sessions which covered topics from project research best practices to operational onboarding. There were a lot of meetings with the Senior Team and this was invaluable time to gain insights into specific markets as well as ask questions. This training gave me the tools required for me to complete all project tasks moving forward.

In the second week I started to work on a pricing and market access project and continued to work on this for the duration of my internship. The project looked at two bispecific antibodies and the initial launch and expansions in combinations in France, Germany, China and the USA. The project allowed me to understand the nuances in different markets and explore a different novel drug, something that excited me.

Career development: Coaching and Performance at CBPartners

I was assigned a coach and peer to provide support throughout the internship. I met with my coach once a week to discuss any work related questions, whereas with my peer we would often discuss more culturally based topics, such as upcoming health and wellness events or informally catch up on non-work-related subjects.

I was also asked to co-develop a piece of thought leadership as a part of my experience to further enhance my secondary research skills and consulting knowledge. This workstream was a nice contrast to project work and allowed me to publish something physical which I can refer back to and also share among my network. I’m proud to say the thought leadership has been published and can be read here: CAR-Ts: Barriers and Opportunities for the Migration into Earlier Lines of Therapy in the USA.

I was impressed that over the course of the internship I received both a mid-term and final performance review. It really felt like CBPartners gave me everything I could need to make the most out of my experience, and I am thrilled to have accepted an offer to return as a full-time Analyst in 2021.

The Culture at the Firm and Some Personal Highlights

My experience of local and firmwide meetings was consistent and easy; I never felt too far removed while working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic since everyone is so collaborative, and I always felt part of the culture from the beginning.

One of my favourite events organized by the local health and wellness committee in San Francisco was the summer event, for which we were sent ingredients and materials to make cocktails together before taking part in a painting challenge (directed by an artist) over Zoom.

Another stand-out aspect of my internship was ‘CBPals’, an initiative which helped me to connect with Analysts who were interns the previous year. Each week I was paired with a new ‘returning’ Analyst to get to know over a 30-minute chat, armed with two questions as icebreakers – one work related and one fun!

My Advice to Those Looking to Apply for CBPartners’ Summer Internship

There are so many aspects about CBPartners that set it apart from other consulting firms – from the diverse project teams to the firm-wide focus on personal and professional growth, so I would recommend that anyone interested in applying for the summer internship thoroughly explores the website to gain a glimpse into the firm’s values, the types of projects that CBPartners works on, and what the experience may bring.

CBPartners’ summer internship is a great way to learn about the dynamics of the healthcare industry and lends itself best towards detail-oriented, driven, receptive, and eager to learn individuals. Lastly, I would just add that anyone applying should be sure to remain true to themselves throughout the recruitment process as it will allow both the applicant and CBP to figure out if this internship is truly the right fit.

If you are interested in a summer internship at CBPartners, explore the vacancies today: bit.ly/apply-to-cbp. There are also several ‘Get to Know CBPartners’ webinars that you can sign up for; these are run by health consultants and include an open Q&A session.