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CBPartners’ Healthcare Career Exposure Partnership with Inspire!

October 14, 2021

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Written by: Michelle Simon

CBPartners recently collaborated with Inspire! to give London-based students aged 14-16 (years 10-11) the opportunity to gain exposure to life sciences consulting as a potential career pathway through the delivery of several virtual sessions.

The collaboration was composed of three parts, all of which were executed during June 2021. Volunteers from CBPartners’ offices (globally) shared details about their background, and career experience, and supported students through a case study project.

Session 1: Careers Presentation

At the beginning of the week, Senior Principal, Maximilian Hunt participated in a forum alongside a group of experienced professionals who each shared personal stories of how their early experiences shaped their career pathway and choices – highlighting that everyone’s path is unique and is rarely linear. As a group, the industry experts sought to highlight the myriad of opportunities that can result from connecting with those around you, thinking critically about one’s passions and strengths, and finding your voice.

Session 2: Case Study Introduction

Following this, Manager, Annie Brough introduced the work-based case study to the participating students. The case study involved a revenue opportunity and launch strategy assessment for a novel drug indicated for the prevention of Otitis media (ear infection), on behalf of a fictional small biotechnology client. The introduction included an overview of the project background and expectations and allowed time for the students to resolve any initial queries. Over the course of the week, the students also reached out to Annie via email with any further questions they had about the case study brief.

Session 3: Live Presentation and Feedback

At the end of the week, a program manager from Inspire! facilitated a session for the students to present the culmination of their week’s work to the volunteer panel from CBPartners (Maximilian Hunt, Julia Stoneham, Matthew Rube, and Michelle Simon), who gave live feedback based on the students’ critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and communication skills.


Following on from the New York-based Local Civics Educational Series, our collaboration with Inspire! has been a great London-based parallel. cbpGIVES is looking to continue to foster the partnership as well as pursue other opportunities to provide resources and knowledge to future young professionals.


If you are interested in reading more about the fundraising and volunteering events that cbpGIVES organizes, read our other blog posts in the cbpGIVES channel or connect with us on LinkedIn.