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Entrepreneurialism at CBPartners: The Wiki Initiative

March 24, 2020

Culture Blog

Written by: Elena Subbotina Emily Lewis

The evolution of entrepreneurialism at a global healthcare consultancy

Having worked at CBPartners for almost five years, the sense of entrepreneurialism has always been present within the firm. Elena recalls how the spirit of entrepreneurialism has been engrained in the philosophy of the companywhile evolving naturally as CBPartners continued to grow locally in offices and globally.  

At CBPartners, entrepreneurialism is showcased through initiatives that can be both internally and externally facing. Internal initiatives focus on developing new processes and new data generationproviding an area of impact, whereas external initiatives tend to be more geared towards recruitment, potential new hires, and clients. An initiative starts out as an idea which is then proposed to the leadership team to align on the value of the idea and how it can support business needs. Once agreed, it can then be brought to life and become a tangible tool for the firm. Some examples of initiatives that started many years ago and are still active today are: Health and Wellness and The Wiki.  

Being openminded to new initiative ideas helps to cement the message that there are no limits on initiative suggestions within CBPartners, as the Leadership Team is very receptive and responsive to new ideasElena details how this positive attitude has given multiple employees the courage and confidence to contribute with their suggestionswhile helping this entrepreneurial spirit to continue to thrive.  

“The firm is open to accepting personal interests and working with you to help drive them forward, whether as part of your development or in an initiative. When I joined as an Analyst, I was given the opportunity to drive several initiatives from start to finish with continued support.” 

CBPartners’ culture enables the individual to have a voice

CBPartners is naturally made up of curious individuals with an attitude that is positioned towards helping to improve and grow the firm. For instance, Elena graduated from LSE (London School of Economics) and had an interest in how the differences in pharmaceutical policy across regions can shape access and pricing pathways for new therapies coming to the marketsSo, when she joined CBPartners, The Wiki initiative became an obvious place where she could continue focusing on exploring the market-specific information aligned with her interests

The work on the Wiki initiative helped develop the ever-growing internal database of information that keeps pace with healthcare trends and allows the firm to stay on top of market changes in a systemized mannerElena’s initial support focused on refining the original Wiki page created for Germany as a market example. The initiative team focused on detailing the information in the mock-up example across multiple areas, including, but not limited to: 

  • Marketing authorization pathways 
  • Funding channels 
  • Public and private coverage mechanisms 
  • Key stakeholders involved in the process 
  • Early access opportunities  

The Wiki is a tool that currently consists of 13 country pages populated with information and updated on the ongoing basis based on external research and internal knowledge. For more information about The Wiki, watch our video. 

The value of The Wiki is felt within the firm, as CBPartners collective expertise is showcased, the Wiki helps identify key topics that are important to clients and keep the existing CBP knowledge about these topics in a systemized manner within the firm. The firm has a lot of fantastic in-house knowledge across its employees which has been effectively leveraged through the initiative. 

The journey of bringing The Wiki initiative to life

There were a number of stages involved when developing The Wiki. Below are three key milestones Elena highlighted as being particularly significant at the early stages to help ensure Wiki’s success.

1. Launch of Wave I country content development subsequent to a number of internal in-depth interviews with the senior team – It was a long process to request content development support within the firm, but it was monumental to finally get the team ready and kick-start generating multiple Wiki pages at once.

2. Creation of the IT platform – With IT support, The Wiki came to life, given the pages became internally accessible in a user-friendly way for multiple people at CBPartners.

3. Content use by CBPartners colleagues  When colleagues began referring to the Wiki content within their day-to-day activities, it became clear how useful the tool was. Even today, Elena is faced with requests to add information as updates on The Wiki to make this new information accessible across the firmWiki has also become pertinent resource for new starters to familiarise themselves with different markets.  

If you have been inspired by Elena’s story, and are full of entrepreneurial spirit, please visit our careers page today to explore open vacancies within CBPartners