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Digital Health (pt 3): Emergence of Companion Digital Treatments and Standalone Digital Therapeutics

December 18, 2020


Written by: Akhil Parlapalli Matthew Rube Jeremy Guild Nelli Morgulchik

The rapid growth of digital therapeutics (DTx) in healthcare has seen the emergence of both companion digital treatments and standalone DTx in the market. The development and commercialization of standalone DTx in particular offers an interesting perspective on the reimbursement challenges and regulatory barriers that DTx faces as it continues to expand into new disease spaces and the healthcare market.

In part 3 of the digital health series, this latest CBPartners podcast episode, hosted by Akhil Parlapalli, provides an engaging discussion with guests Matthew Rube, Jeremy Guild, and Nelli Morgulchik on standalone digital therapeutics that covers:

  • Standalone DTx potential in the neuro-psychiatric disease space vs chronic disease management
  • The ways in which DTx have been brought to market to date: standard clinical trial approach vs. fast-tracked retail approach
  • Developments in the US & EU regulatory landscape for approving DTx products



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