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Digital Health (Pt 1): Current Landscape and Payer Dynamics

August 27, 2020


Written by: Jared Louis Wolff Luke Wiggins Temitope Coker

The number of virtual medical consultations when compared to in-person consultations is growing dramatically year-on-year. As such, the ‘digital medicine’ trend is revolutionizing healthcare delivery as we know it – and the transition, partially from necessity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is happening sooner than expected.

In CBPartners’ latest podcast, Jared Louis Wolff, MS, Luke Wiggins, and Temi Coker discuss the rise of digital health and telemedicine, and what this means for patients, physicians, and insurers, including:

  • How patients and physicians are adapting to telemedicine
  • The benefits and risks of adopting telemedicine
  • The future of telemedicine




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