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COVID-19 (Pt 3): Testing

May 26, 2020


Written by: Jared Louis Wolff Matthew Rube Akhil Parlapalli

The final episode of the COVID-19 trilogy focuses on testing. Specifically, the different types of tests available for COVID-19 and the regulatory environment in which these tests exist. How will an accurate test change how healthcare experts respond to the disease?

Healthcare consultant Jared Wolff is joined by the COVID-19 Podcast Team, Matthew Rube and Akhil Parlapalli, to discuss themes about:

  • Testing Basics
  • Regulatory Environment and Implications
  • Big Pharma Moves and Updated for Treatment, Vaccines, and Testing

We would like to extend a thank you to Dr. Melodie Feather, who recommended the topic of testing to us as one we should cover. We appreciate your input, and look forward to receiving ideas from more listeners.

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