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Value Strategy

We seek insights and challenge internal thinking to develop well structured, evidence-driven value propositions that supports a product’s commercial strategy. Through a vigorous approach to value story development, prioritizing high quality and validated outputs, cross-functional buy-in and timely delivery, the CBPartners team is able to develop impactful value stories for regional and global pharmaceutical clients.

Questions Our Clients Ask

  • How can we best position our product to maximize value capture and how should this look different across markets?
  • How can we identify and support the product value proposition and highlight the key points of differentiation across stakeholders?
  • How can we pursue additional evidence to fill knowledge gaps, validate claims and further strengthen the value proposition?
  • How can we anticipate payer objections to the value story and prepare mitigation strategies / responses to ensure market readiness?
  • How can we understand stakeholder perceptions on the value story and modify as appropriate to meet the needs of regional and local stakeholders

Specialist Therapeutic Areas

Oncology, inflammatory diseases, rare diseases, multiple sclerosis, respiratory disease

Specialized Markets

The CBP Difference

  • We have deep disease-based knowledge, and payer communication strategy expertise, to weave a compelling story
  • We are not afraid to support clients to take a holistic view. We ensure a compelling value story output based on our extensive market expertise
  • Our robust approach helps teams summarize likely payer objections to different value proposition scenarios and recommend mitigation strategies
  • We support local affiliates with value story adaptation and market access preparations