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Early VAP & CP

We work to understand ways in which our practice areas, Value, Access and Pricing (VAP) and Commercial Planning (CP), intersect and influence each other in the early pipeline stages. The VAP and CP Centers of Excellence has robust capabilities which sit across both functions, helping us to provide specialized pharmaceutical positioning, market access and pipeline strategy.

Questions Our Clients Ask

  • What is the directional guidance on the achievable price potential for my early stage asset?
  • Is this asset worth investment, and which strategies should be employed to optimize this opportunity?
  • What would be optimal future clinical trial design and P&MA positioning for my product considering likely shifts in the landscape?
  • How will evidence requirements evolve and how will this translate into a ‘future winning’ target product profile (TPP) in terms of clinical development?
  • What is the optimal launch sequence across this indication or products, and which mitigation strategies should be employed to optimize the portfolio opportunity

Specialized Markets

Key Accomplishments

  • Our expertise spans from FIH (first in human) to late Phase II across a variety of disease areas
  • We have experience running scenario-based internal workshops to align cross-functional teams on key aspects of decision making (e.g., clinical trial design)
  • We execute innovative market research methodologies to engage both payer and physician stakeholders (e.g., mixed DYADs, FOCUS GROUPS and ADVISORY BOARDS)

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