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Latin America

A Center of Excellence comprised of LatAm experts who have deep regional expertise across therapeutic areas. The most notable project work to date is concerned with oncology, inflammatory diseases, rare diseases, multiple sclerosis and respiratory disease.

Questions Our Clients Ask

  • What are the market segments with the highest opportunity at launch, and how do we unlock them?
  • How can we influence local policy to help shape the P&MA landscape?
  • What is the trade-off between price and volume by pursing specific sub-populations and market segments?
  • How can we prepare our local teams to effectively deliver value stories that resonate with their local stakeholders?

Local Language Capabilities


Specialized Markets

The CBP Difference

  • Our dedicated team of LatAm experts truly understand the complexities or each major market within the region. We strive to ensure our insights are delivered with complete accuracy and by consultants who speak the local languages of our network.
  • All market research is conducted in-house with our specialized team. We address nuanced questions for local teams and ensure our deliverable quality matches EU and US-centric firms.