We work with clients to meet the unique local needs of health systems across Europe (EU) while ensuring the integrity of both their regional and commercial access objectives. CBPartners’ EU Centrer of Excellence has the global expertise to engage with business unit leaders on cross-market strategy. Our in-house local expertise and experience is paired with a strong network of healthcare decision-makers across the region.

Questions Our Clients Ask

  • What is the pricing, access, and / or commercial opportunity for my asset in the EU?
  • How can we develop a value proposition that meets the needs of customers across markets and roles?
  • Based on our pivotal trial, what HTA outcomes are likely in the EU, and how can we improve this potential? How will positive or negative outcomes in one EU market influence the others?
  • How will follow-on indications impact our pricing and access, and what does this mean for our launch and submission strategy?

Local Language Capabilities


Specialized Markets

The CBP Difference

  • We have active collaborations with thought leaders for conference publications and presentations
  • We run face-to-face research so that our clients can gain insights firsthand; our relationships are personal and critical to receive up-to-date and informed perspectives
  • We have experience facilitating logistically complex affiliate strategy and training workshops and meetings with upwards of 100+ cross-functional participants