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Central and Eastern Europe

CBPartners’ Central and Eastern Europe Center of Excellence delivers unique insights that are locally accurate with deliverable quality that matches that of EU and USA-centric firms.

Questions Our Clients Ask

  • Would a regional funding approach to gain clinical experience be reasonable for PRODUCT X in RUS? How would this help expand local access?
  • How can we provide access and support patients not covered under healthcare budget? How influential are third parties in reimbursement decisions (e.g. KOLs, patient associations
  • What would be an appropriate price point for PRODUCT X for it to be successful in obtaining reimbursement listing?
  • Would PRODUCT X have an advantage if it is manufactured / packaged domestically? What are opportunities for technology transfers to ensure a certain market share?

Local Language Capabilities


Specialized Markets

The CBP Difference

  • We develop comprehensive knowledge of local market dynamics for stakeholders within key markets in Eastern Europe and the CIS region.
  • We address nuanced questions on CEE-relates issues coming from regional and global clients on topics such as: IRP dynamics implications, interpretation of policy update and overview of the reimbursement landscape.

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