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Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell and gene therapies represent a fundamental therapeutic revolution. CBPartners’ Center of Excellence focuses on assessing the unique opportunities and challenges associated with the emerging class of novel treatments. With a lens towards identifying key value, access and pricing dynamics, our team can determine the influence these innovative treatments will have when entering the cell and gene therapy market.

Questions Our Clients Ask

  • How will non-cell and gene therapies competing within a given disease space impact payer and provider perceptions of a cell / gene therapy’s value?
  • How can we best differentiate our value proposition and corresponding launch strategy?
  • What evidence should be developed to support the unique value proposition of cell and gene therapies, given some of the inherent limitations such as single-arm trial, short follow-up?
  • How can alternative payment models be leveraged to gain access and optimize pricing?
  • How will the unique one-time administration feature, paired with a significant upfront price point, impact access and utilization?
  • How can we navigate the reimbursement implications of inpatient cell or gene therapy administration (particularly for Medicare and Medicaid patients) to minimize provider-level financial exposure and ensure hospitals receive sufficient payment for treatment?

Specialist Therapeutic Areas

Oncology cell therapies and rare disease gene therapies.

Specialized Markets

The CBP Difference

  • We help clients to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape
  • We think outside the box and customize strategies while being a partner throughout the process
  • We use targeted recruitment to ensure we reach the right stakeholders