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CBPartners’ Healthcare Career Exposure Partnership with Local Civics

August 5, 2021


Written by: Abby D’Cruz, DPhil

The Healthcare Exposure Series

CBPartners recently collaborated with NY-based social venture Local Civics to create a series of workshops as part of a ‘Healthcare Career Exposure’, in order to expose a diverse cross-section of NYC high school students to alternative careers within the healthcare space.

The series consisted of four virtual workshops held after school through mid-May and June 2021. The sessions showcased the wide range of educational backgrounds and career paths CBPartners employees have experienced, and how their journeys brought them to healthcare consulting.

Several CBPartners employees volunteered to contribute to the series as workshop participants, working with the Local Civics team to develop a variety of inputs ranging from authentic and engaging presentations of their personal career journeys to smaller, interactive group sessions to work on networking and public speaking skills with students.

Session 1: Career Exposure

Abby cbpGIVES

To kick things off, Abby D’Cruz (Senior Analyst, LN) shared her career journey deep-dive as a first-generation university student through to a DPhil at the University of Oxford and her current position as a healthcare strategy consultant at CBPartners, featuring a whole lot of sports and a cameo in the restaurant industry on the way.

Session 1: What is a Case Study?

Ismail cbpGIVES

Ismail Ismailoglu (Senior Manager, NY) and Wenting Zhang (Associate Principal, SF) delivered an introduction to the concept of a case study, utilizing an example that involved mapping the stakeholders involved in bringing a new medicine to market.

Session 3: Roles in the Healthcare Ecosystem

Libby cbpGIVES

Libby Hamilton (Associate Marketing Director, LN) and Maaz Rafique (ex-Senior Analyst, LN) then shared their diverse trajectories to CBPartners in the third session, including insights on their adventures in medical school and design school, respectively.

Session 3: Roles in the Healthcare Ecosystem

Kate cbpGIVES

Finally, Kate Watkins (Analyst, SF) and Valeria Boers-Trilles (Associate Principal, SF) wrapped up the series with an engaging session that focused on skill sharing and gave students an opportunity to create an elevator pitch on their individual story, simulating an interview or networking experience.

This collaboration with Local Civics was a part of a broader effort to create and sustain meaningful, mutually rewarding collaborations with organizations within our local . Beverley Leon, Founder and CEO of Local Civics said, “This collaboration enabled us to create a new channel for students to explore CBP’s unique slice of the healthcare sector. We were impressed with the professional expertise, personal wisdom, and enthusiasm shared by each of our guests.”