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CBPartners’ Annual Conference: SUMMIT 2019

January 13, 2019

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Each year CBPartners dedicates a week for the whole firm to take time to reflect, bond and celebrate our achievements. The week is known as SUMMIT, and just last month, and the week before the holidays, the firm embarked on a journey to Miami, Florida, where SUMMIT 2019 was hosted.

The view from our hotel on South Beach, Miami

As offices continue to grow, the importance of having everyone in one location both for morale and to close the year remains a top priority. The need to maintain a sense of cohesion is apparent, particularly because CBPartners has offices located in different time zones spanning across the globe.

There is an incredible amount of planning and organization that goes into the week, and the overall output helps to ensure that every individual feels enriched by the experience. For this to happen, an agenda is created and distributed to the firm to help set expectations, as it details the schedule for each day, where time is set aside for training and development, as well as team building exercises. In addition, there is the opportunity to increase interpersonal interactions as well as team building, camaraderie, and all-important skill-building.

Here are some of the highlights from each day at SUMMIT 2019


The week kicked off with a few sessions based on coaching best practices and these were hosted by the leadership team. As CBPartners believes in sustainable consulting, the firm looks to grow with each consultant, as they grow their career with us. To help sustain this, a coaching program is offered to every consultant when they join CBPartners, and this is presented through both formal and informal support and mentorship.


The firm prepared for a competitive morning of activity. After an unexpected presentation with a ‘guest speaker’ from Adventure Games Inc.  – it quickly became apparent we were about to become embroiled in an immersive experience called ‘SpyGame’ whereby teamwork would be essential to complete the mission. We spent the morning out on the streets of Miami on the hunt for clues about where a hostage could be found (the hostage being the CEO). We definitely felt the importance of trusting your colleagues in this game!


A high level of value is placed on our ‘Centers of Excellence’ (CoE), nine areas which distil our deep market knowledge, and cultivate best practices and thought leadership. To showcase some of these CoE’s, as well as offer some insight into updates and achievements that had been made throughout the year, we heard from the Asia Pacific CoE as well as the Cell and Gene Therapy CoE teams.


This day was split into two halves to accommodate the all-important end-of-year party celebrations in the evening! The morning began with a number of talks which evaluated the year. We looked back across each quarter exploring the likes of projects, recruitment, and marketing. The firm then prepared for an evening meal at Byblos followed by a night out in the city. The night was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and dinner helps to encourage interaction across offices as it was a surprise seating plan.


With a big focus on feedback, there was a dedicated period of time set for everybody to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire on our final day in Miami. It’s true, how can you improve at anything if you never ask for feedback? The information received will shape how SUMMIT 2020 will look; and it also aided as a way for everyone to reflect on their learnings from the week. This closed SUMMIT 2019 as everyone said their goodbyes before heading to the airport.

Are you interested in working at CBPartners?

If you’re seeking a new opportunity with a consulting firm that invests in your personal growth and career development, please head over to CBPartners career page where you can explore our open vacancies. Throughout the year we attend multiple on campus events, as well as host recruitment webinars, which we encourage you to register for if you have a question. We look forward to hearing from you.