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June 24, 2019 | Blogs

China’s IPO-Inducing Gamble

CBPartners believes that Hong Kong’s loosening of its IPO listing criteria will result in material growth for the local biotech market; however, in mainland China, infrastructural obstacles remain (e.g., insufficient industry talent) which may slow biotech development regulatory incentives. CBPartners' Asia-Pacific Center of Excellence will continue to monitor this IPO evolution.

May 31, 2019 | Blogs

Parkinson’s Disease Clinical Trials: How Close Are We to Disease-Modifying Therapies?

PART I of CBPartners' CNS series: as the scientific and regulatory barriers in Parkinson’s disease are beginning to be addressed, biotechnology firms are developing innovative therapies based on academic studies showing potential therapeutic targets and pathways, which have been generated with increasing quantity over the past few years using genetic and pre-clinical studies.

May 29, 2019 | Blogs

Central Nervous System (CNS) Drug Development Strategy: What is the Role of External Investment in this High-Risk Disease Space?

PART I of CBPartners' CNS series: the concept of external investment may represent a positive trend in the neuroscience space where different size firms are focused on their comparative strengths.

May 1, 2019 | Blogs

Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trials: Where Do We Go Now?

PART II of CBPartners' CNS series:

April 25, 2019 | Blogs

Cell and Gene Therapies: Paving the Commercial Pathways of Tomorrow

While advanced therapies such as cell and gene therapy have disrupted the healthcare industry, there is much that is still unknown – as well the current appetite for such therapies will wane as their approvals become more common, and the budget implications become real. CBPartners' Cell and Gene Therapy Center of Excellence explores the short and long-term commercial outlook for cell and gene therapies.