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Value Proposition Development

CBPartners completed a value proposition development for PRODUCT X in PTCL, conducting focus groups with payers to validate and refine the value strategy.


Develop and internally / externally validate global payer value messages and the associated evidence set necessary to support the launch of PRODUCT X in PTCL (peripheral T-cell lymphoma).



Develop and externally pressure test value story, giving the opportunity for local and global cross-functional teams to observe round table payer and KOL (key opinion leader) discussions of value perception, payer objections, tailoring of story, subgroup strategies and impact on P&MA (pricing and market access).


  • Preliminary value messages and data exhibits
  • Validated PRODUCT X value platform and elevator pitch
  • Objection handling and mitigation strategies based on payer feedback
  • Detailed findings with value story message prioritization and strategic guidance to support PRODUCT X launch

Illustrative Outputs


CBP built and refined evidence-based payer value messages which was a key next step in the preparation for the PRODUCT X launch into peripheral T-cell lymphoma.