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Final USA Pricing Strategy Guidance

CBPartners helped the PRODUCT X brand team determine the final USA pricing strategy in multiple sclerosis via quantitative research as well as an alignment workshop.


Support the launch of PRODUCT X by exploring pricing sensitivity, opportunities, and risks in the current and future multiple sclerosis space.



Conduct quantitative research with n=342 target segment neurologists and qualitative research with n=13 neurologists; Develop a conjoint model that allowed for robust utilization analysis by testing a wide range of scenarios with multiple variables – price, payer restrictions, and media response.


  • MS pricing elasticity amongst PRODUCT X target segment neurologists
  • Projected future market share and revenue for PRODUCT X
  • Final report with detailed findings inclusive of N=13 qualitative sample and N=342 quantitative sample
  • Recommended PRODUCT X uptake maximizing pricing strategy

Illustrative Outputs


CBP mapped neurologists’ utilization expectations against payer management restrictions to create an uptake maximizing curve and final PRODUCT X pricing recommendation, which was aligned with the client’s final price decision.