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Global Payer Value Story

CBPartners recently completed the development of an unbranded and branded value story for PRODUCT X in asthma to maximize value-capture.


Develop and refine an integrated and substantiated branded value story for PRODUCT X to maximize value-capture based on the product’s attributes and competitive positioning.



Ensure cross-functional buy-in through a comprehensive approach including internal working sessions and coordinated review, assess value positioning scenarios through advisory boards, obtain external input and validation from payers and KOLs through an In-Depth-Interview (IDI) research program, refine value story and support through internal governance.


  • Final PRODUCT X value messages and accompanying data exhibits, customised by access scenario
  • Consolidated comment tracker
  • Primary research findings report
  • Reference map and pack for review

Illustrative Outputs


CBP provided externally- and internally-validated global payer value story for PRODUCT X in asthma, as well as a ‘user guide’ to help direct local adaptation.