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Staggered Quantitative Research

CBPartners designed staggered quantitative research to assess the impact of national guidelines on uptake of a biomarker among HCPs and payers.


To understand the impact of national physician society guidelines on uptake / acceptance of an innovative biomarker based on developed patient vignettes, and expectations for updates to payer diagnostic testing polices.



Conduct qualitative research, fielding a survey with physicians and payers, to determine current physician utilization and payer coverage of biomarker diagnostic test and track evolution in payer policies and physician utilization with Wave II of the survey 6 – 12 months later.


  • Interim findings of current physician utilization and payer coverage of the biomarker diagnostic test
  • Final deliverable presenting the impact of the guidance on physicians and payers and providing recommendations to improve perception of the biomarker

Illustrative Outputs


Research findings helped the brand team understand how the disease landscape will evolve as reliance on the biomarker proliferates in the market.