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Risk Mitigation and Contracting Strategies

CBPartners engaged USA physicians and payers to drive pricing and access implications for PRODUCT X’s follow on indication in mGC.


Understand PRODUCT X value proposition in […] (HER2+ 2L mGC) with key physician, payer, and practice admin customers, and provide guidance on implementing a strategy to maximize uptake and access.  



Conduct secondary research to develop disease landscape overview, qualitative research with n=25 payers, n=12 KOLs, and n=5 oncology practice managers to capture PRODUCT X utilization in its metastatic gastric cancer (mGC) follow-on indication independent of price, characterize perceptions on price, and test other priority scenarios.


  • Comprehensive disease landscape overview.
  • Detailed primary research findings report including findings from N=42 qualitative samples.
  • Pricing analysis amongst target segment oncologists for PRODUCT X’s follow-on mGC indication.

Illustrative Outputs


CBP identified key target product profile (TPP) value drivers across stakeholder types, driving development of risk mitigation and contracting strategies to support a premium pricing strategy.