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Positioning and Pricing Strategy for a Novel Therapy

CBPartners developed an uptake maximizing positioning and pricing strategy for a novel multiple sclerosis therapy in LatAm.


Develop an optimal pricing and positioning strategy for PRODUCT X in LatAm and refine the value story to better resonate with local stakeholders in the region.



Secondary research on the competitive landscape combined with internal working sessions with the local / regional team to vet hypotheses, followed by a semi-qual / quant primary research program with n=104 payers and key opinion leaders (KOLs) moderated in local language.


  • Multiple sclerosis competitive landscape.
  • Target product profile (TPP) value drivers / detractors and activities to boost value.
  • Payer willingness to pay and physician willingness to prescribe in different positioning scenarios.
  • Interactive tool to compare price versus volume trade-offs in different positioning scenarios.
  • Receptivity and feasibility to implement contracting solutions.
  • Tailored LatAm value story that is reflective of local stakeholder priorities.

Illustrative Outputs


CBPartners provided final positioning and pricing recommendations to support the launch strategy of a multiple sclerosis therapy in LatAm.