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Regional Pricing and Access Strategy for Pipeline Assets

CBPartners developed an optimal pricing and access strategy for PRODUCT X and PRODUCT Y in hospitalized respiratory syncytial virus and influenza A.


Assess the pricing and access opportunities and hurdles for PRODUCT X in hospitalized respiratory syncytial virus  and PRODUCT Y in hospitalized influenza A across key LatAm markets.



Secondary research on the competitive landscape combined with internal working sessions with the local / regional team to vet hypotheses, followed by a semi-qual / quant primary research program with n=52 stakeholders moderated in local language.


  • Hospital archetypes and decision-making criteria.
  • Inpatient and outpatient funding pathways.
  • Evidence generation plan to address local data gaps and boost value perception.
  • Prioritization of sub-populations based on pricing, funding, and utilization opportunity.
  • Price versus access trade-off analysis.
  • Go-to-market strategy by payer archetype

Illustrative outputs


CBPartners developed a regional go-to-market strategy to optimize the pricing and funding opportunity for two pipeline assets and ensure local team launch readiness.