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Pricing Landscape Overview

CBPartners recently completed an engagement to explain pricing dynamics across various sectors in Russia and monitor recent additions to the reimbursement list.


Conduct a pricing landscape assessment in RUS to understand price levels, margins and discounts across regional, federal and private market segments as well as monitor reimbursement status of select products to explore the implications of reimbursement on pricing opportunity for the client.



Develop comprehensive outline of formulary inclusion process of the Federal Essential Drug List (EDL) and High-cost Nosology List (VZN), capture reimbursement status of select products from 2015 – 2021; CBP internal expertise was further leveraged to provide overview of RUS pricing dynamics (i.e., margins, discounts, drivers of coverage).


  • Overview of EDL and VZN formulary inclusion process, including interpretation of the legal framework for dossier submission and evaluation.
  • Reimbursement status of products launched in 2015 – 2021.
  • Margins and discounts across the tender purchasing process.
  • Implications for client pricing & access opportunity.

Illustrative Outputs


CBP provided a pricing landscape overview and captured reimbursement status for a pool of analogues to inform the client’s pricing approach and expectations for reimbursement in the VZN program.