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Pricing and Contracting Assessment

CBPartners conducted a pricing and contracting assessment to advise a client’s launch price and discounting strategies for a novel hemophilia therapy.


Understand the impact of PRODUCT X’s weighted average cost (WAC) price, discounting, and margins on provider preference and payer management for both inhibitor and non-inhibitor populations, and identify potential media and advocacy risks associated with each pricing / contracting scenario; gain a more in-depth, detailed understanding of hemophilia treatment center (HTC) economics.



Conduct qualitative discussions with payers, specialty pharmacies (SPs), HTCs and physicians (n=85), test prioritized pricing and access scenarios in a quantitative survey to evaluate physician sensitivity (n=100), synthesize insights to provide recommendations and inform pricing and contracting strategy for PRODUCT X; leverage secondary research and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax form analysis to delineate key HTC archetypes for tailored strategic considerations.


  • HTC financial analysis findings & archetyping
  • In-depth interview (IDI) moderator guides and research stimuli, quant survey
  • Qualitative and quantitative research detailed findings
  • PRODUCT X utilization data simulator tool
  • Pricing strategy and contracting recommendations

Illustrative Outputs


CBP provided final pricing and contracting recommendations considering both indications, targeted discounting for HTCs vs. SPs, and the impact of HTC size / 340B status on provider sensitivity to margins.