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Mapping Investment Opportunities

CBPartners helped a client direct their portfolio investment strategy by mapping potential cystic fibrosis investment opportunities most aligned with their current portfolio.


The CBP team was contracted to assess the unmet needs across the cystic fibrosis treatment modalities and their associated commercial opportunity as well as any cannibalization potential within their current CF portfolio.



Conduct qualitative research with 14 key opinion leaders (KOLs) and 5 specialists in the CF space; respondents were split into 2 different groups, each covering 2 cystic fibrosis (CF) modalities, and asked to identify unmet needs, rate current treatment satisfaction and design a breakthrough therapy in a pre-survey.


  • Pipeline scan across each treatment modality
  • A prioritization of investment opportunities based on their commercial potential as well as long-term fit with the client’s portfolio

Illustrative Outputs


CBPartners leveraged expert KOL opinion to help formalize a client’s cystic fibrosis investment strategy.