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Value, Access, and Pricing Opportunity Assessment

To support development of PRODUCT X’s P&MA strategy, payer and provider insights were synthesized to inform reimbursement and uptake expectations.


Evaluate the current and future Pricing and Market Access (P&MA) landscape within melanoma, and assess the corresponding value, access and pricing opportunity for PRODUCT X – a cell therapy – through a comprehensive assessment of melanoma landscape dynamics and stakeholder influence.



Conduct qualitative research with n=40 payers, providers, and hospital admins who may influence access, reimbursement, and utilization to identify key opportunities and risks for PRODUCT X.


  • Analogue analysis of therapies with similar attributes to PRODUCT X, and associated pricing and access outcomes
  • Interim and final reports, outlining payer and provider feedback on PRODUCT X price, management and uptake potential, as well as detailed strategic recommendations

Illustrative Outputs


CBP supported development of PRODUCT X’s pricing and access strategy based on payer management potential, provider inpatient reimbursement dynamics, and site-level utilization hurdles.