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P&MA and Commercial Assessment for a Pipeline Biologic

CBPartners completed a Commercial / Pricing and Market Access assessment for a pipeline asthma biologic to help define a commercially successful clinical profile and pricing strategy.


To understand USA payer expectations on the pricing and market access (P&MA) opportunity for an asthma biologic and asthma key opinion leader (KOL) perspectives on what future commercially viable asthma biologic profiles may look like in terms clinical trial design, endpoint selection, and magnitude of benefit vs. standard of care.



Conduct a literature review, analogue assessment, and client working session to understand external and internal perceptions on the existing and emerging clinical endpoint structures and decision-making criteria for asthma biologics, test the insights via primary research (in-depth interviews (IDIs) and focus groups) with pulmonary / allergist KOLs and managed care organization / integrated delivery network / accountable care organization / pharmacy benefit manager payers, synthesize results, and deliver strategic recommendations to client team.


  • Preliminary hypotheses from literature review, analogue assessment, and working session
  • Payer & KOL moderator guides and research stimuli
  • Interim research finding summary
  • Detailed research findings with strategic recommendations for pipeline development and launch excellence

Illustrative Outputs


CBP provided strategic guidance in a crowded pipeline space to inform the launch strategy of an asthma biologic, both from clinical trial development and P&MA perspectives.