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Innovative Contracting Insights for a Novel CAR T-Cell Therapy

CBPartners completed an assessment to understand payer and provider appetite for an outcomes-based contract for a novel CAR T launching in DLBCL.


Understand the feasibility and desirability of an outcomes-based contract for a novel CAR T-cell therapy and its potential impact on launch success.



Conduct 1:1 interviews with provider administrators and payers to identify which outcomes-based contract offers for PRODUCT X would be most appealing and most feasible to implement, and explore downstream implications for how an innovative contracting agreement could potentially support increased access and / or uptake for PRODUCT X as a novel CAR T-cell therapy.


  • Outcomes-based contract scenarios & feasibility assessment
  • Commercial / pricing and market access (P&MA) impact of outcomes-based contracting
  • In-depth interview (IDI) moderator guides and research stimuli
  • Payer & provider detailed findings summary
  • Final report highlighting key outcomes contracting risks & opportunities and strategic recommendations

Illustrative Outputs


CBP provided innovative contracting insights and recommendations for execution, in supporting the launch of a novel CAR T-cell therapy.