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Mapping Payer & Employer Perceptions

CBPartners conducted a payer and employer advisory board to understand current perceptions of novel migraine therapies and potential strategies to improve access.


To gather the payer and employer perspective on how the migraine landscape is evolving, and pressure test key strategic options / messages the client team developed.



Conduct an unblinded advisory board with a diverse set of payers and employee benefit managers to understand current perceptions of the migraine landscape and the employer interaction with payers as it pertains to influencing employee access to novel migraine therapies.


  • Moderator Guide targeting each advisory board stakeholder
  • Pre-Survey and Workbook materials designed to capture individual data responses
  • Final Report and Executive Summary synthesizing live / written payer and employer insights, highlighting strategic opportunities, challenges, and recommendations

Illustrative Outputs


CBP mapped payer and employer perceptions of the migraine landscape to understand how manufacturers can collaborate with different stakeholders to support access.