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Guidance for Navigating Diverging P&MA Opportunities

CBPartners provided strategic guidance for a manufacturer of a novel topical treatment in navigating diverging price and access opportunities across plaque psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.


Provide insights into the current and future plaque psoriasis and atopic dermatitis landscape and explore PRODUCT X’s optimal price and access opportunity across both diseases.



Evaluate current and future landscape, including payer approach to management and competitive dynamics in both disease areas through primary and secondary research. Discuss independent pricing and management scenarios with a diverse group of payers based on target product profiles (TPPs) in each disease area. Explore cross-indication pricing scenarios to determine optimal strategies, maximizing uptake potential.


  • Key takeaways including qualitative feedback on TPPs and pricing and management expectations under different scenarios;
  • Detailed recommendations developed based on manufacturer priorities, payer feedback, and CBPartners expertise

Illustrative Outputs


CBP provided impactful as well as targeted recommendations informing PRODUCT X’s pricing and market access strategy optimized across two disease areas with disparate dynamics.