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Healthcare Sustainability Positioning

In collaboration with FIFARMA, CBPartners developed a positioning document outlining innovative approaches to attain healthcare sustainability in LatAm.


Draft a white paper that defines current hurdles to healthcare sustainability in LatAm and outlines innovative approaches to change the status quo and promote sustainability.



Healthcare sustainability global benchmarks, LatAm hurdles that challenge the achievement of those targets and global approaches to attain sustainability were identified through a review of 43 articles peer-reviewed articles, while mutually beneficial solutions to attain sustainability were identified through review of approaches implemented globally, considering feasibility to implement given local healthcare policies and capabilities.


  • White paper (accessible online here)
  • ISPOR Poster (accessible online here)
  • ISPOR Presentation (accessible online here)

Illustrative Outputs


CBPartners and FIFARMA worked together to put forth several thought leadership pieces on healthcare sustainability in the LatAm region, ultimately being awarded ‘Best Podium Presentation’ during ISPOR LatAm 2019.