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Optimizing Biosimilar Launch Strategies

CBPartners analyzed the outcomes associated with recent biosimilar launches in JAPAC markets to develop a framework outlining local biosimilar P&MA landscapes.


Review and capture P&MA regulation associated with biosimilars across 10 JAPAC markets to understand payers’ evaluation of recent biosimilar launches and assess expected impact on evolving biosimilar landscape.



Conduct secondary research to identify key pricing and market access (P&MA) elements associated with biosimilars in Japan and Asia-Pacific (JAPAC); Develop 45-minute online survey for client’s local teams to obtain information and relevant analytics based on prior local research and knowledge; Develop recommendations for market-by-market biosimilar strategy based on analogue assessment of recent biosimilar launches.


  • Key findings from secondary research summarized by market
  • Local team survey and output
  • Analogue case studies of recent biosimilar launches
  • Final report detailing findings across markets
  • Biosimilar launch strategy playbooks for each market

Illustrative Outputs


CBP provided a detailed roadmap for optimizing biosimilar launch strategies across key JAPAC markets to help navigate rapidly evolving local biosimilar P&MA landscapes.