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Cross-Indication P&MA Opportunity Assessment

CBPartners recently completed a cross-indication P&MA opportunity assessment for an established RRMM therapy to devise an optimal LCM strategy.


Re-evaluate PRODUCT X’s pricing and market access (P&MA) opportunity and develop the optimal launch strategy across four pipeline indications in each in-scope market.



Capture latest thinking on P&MA expectations for PRODUCT X from local affiliates (LOCs) and align on the priorities for primary research. Collect key insights from payer stakeholders through telephone-depth interviews (TDIs) to pressure test updated target product profiles (TPPs) and P&MA assumptions. Provide synthesized insights into PRODUCT X opportunity across its life cycle management indication expansions.


  • Local affiliates engagement to facilitate insight collection.
  • Country-specific moderator guides and research stimuli.
  • Country-specific overview of current and future indication specific treatment dynamics and P&MA landscape.
  • Indication launch optimization and P&MA recommendations for PRODUCT X

Illustrative Outputs


CBP provided pricing and market access guidance across a range of hematology-oncology indications and markets, informing optimization of life-cycle management (LCM) expansion activities.