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Value, Access, and Pricing Strategy for a CAR T-Cell Therapy

CBPartners recently completed an engagement to support the successful launch of a CAR T-cell therapy with distinct clinical profile and a competitive landscape.


PHASE 1: To develop and externally validate global payer value messages and the associated evidence set for PRODUCT X

PHASE 2: To develop a robust global pricing and market access strategy for PRODUCT X



Conduct focus groups and In-Depth-Interviews (IDIs) with key payer and provider stakeholders in scope markets to understand the evolving cell therapy landscape and identify unique opportunities and challenges that are relevant for “one-time” therapies.


  • Outputs from internal workshops summarizing alignment among cross-functional stakeholders
  • Refined value story and supporting exhibits for PRODUCT X
  • Key learnings and actionable recommendations informing pricing and market access strategy

Illustrative Outputs


CBP provided an impactful value, access, and pricing strategy for a CAR T-cell therapy product to support successful launch given its differentiated clinical data and competitive space.