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Mapping the Evolution of the Asthma Biologic Landscape

CBPartners conducted a complex, large-scale patient chart project to map the evolution of the asthma biologic landscape and inform PRODUCT X’s positioning.


To understand future biologic use / treatment selection dynamics amongst moderate-to-severe asthma patients as well as to inform PRODUCT X’s opportunities, risks, and positioning in an increasingly crowded asthma space.



Conduct quantitative research with n=320 allergists, pulmonologists, and pediatric pulmonologists to collect ~1,400 asthma patient charts as well as n=40 qualitative research discussions. Execute against complex statistical analyses to uncover underlying treatment selection drivers and the evolution of future positioning.


  • Underlying asthma subtype definition framework and stratification
  • Identification of drivers in asthma biologic treatment selection
  • Projected future market shares of asthma biologics
  • Future PRODUCT X target patient evolution
  • PRODUCT X positioning insights and strategy

Illustrative Outputs


CBPartners helped the PRODUCT X client team map the evolution of the asthma landscape as well as define future positioning tactics to help them compete in a crowded space.