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Bone Health Policy Recommendations

CBPartners recently completed a detailed analogue assessment to understand how various stakeholders are involved in shaping health policies across markets.


To identify best practices on health policy shaping and the external stakeholders the client should consider working with to efficiently shape global bone health policy.



Conduct a systematic analogue disease area filtration to understand the disease areas where health policy development is most comparable to the bone health space; conduct exhaustive secondary research within each analogue disease area to understand the most relevant health policy shaping stakeholders, their actions, and consequent impact; leverage key learnings from each analogue disease area to inform bone health policy recommendations.


  • Analogue selection and methodology
  • High level executive summary explaining overall trends
  • Analogue assessments for five disease areas of interest
  • Recommendations for exploring partnerships in developing bone health policy

Illustrative Outputs


CBP provided strategic recommendations on potential actions to shape bone health policy across several markets by pulling insights from analogue disease areas.