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We work with industry leaders on some of the most stimulating challenges and cutting-edge products in healthcare; grow your career with a leading boutique healthcare consultancy that gives you the opportunity to make a real impact both in industry and the firm from day one. Find out more about our healthcare consultant job types, from Summer Analyst internships to business development Principal, and view our current positions below.

Job types

Our structure allows for steady career development, specialisation, and flexibility of career pathway. Click on a role below to learn more.

  • Associate Principal
  • Principal

I’ve always been a collaborative person who is motivated by and feeds off a group dynamic, and being part of a collective team drives me to perform to my highest standards. I started my career at CBPartners as a Summer Analyst and realised that a critical element in changing roles, to becoming a Manager and beyond, is being a leader who understands my teammates and leverages their respective strengths.

“Being a member of the senior team at CBPartners does not mean being in the spotlight, but rather fostering commitment and passion amongst the rest of the group”

I started my career as an Analyst and have worked in consulting ever since. The continuously evolving US market and its corresponding challenges have kept me motivated holistically over the years. This includes not only helping clients with solutions to their problems, but also driving leadership internally within the firm. From assisting others through our coaching program to supporting expansion of consulting operations; participation in these differing elements has allowed for variation within the role, and that is what I really enjoy.

“I’m a consultant and I have a large family! Maintaining a work – life balance has always been a primary goal”

  • Manager
  • Senior Manager

Consulting felt like a natural next step after spending some time working at a health care start-up. The opportunity to work at the intersection of business, science, and healthcare with a wide-lens perspective on different business questions was an exciting prospect. Growing-into an effective consultant is just one part of the job: it’s the emphasis on personal and professional development that makes this an excellent place to begin a career. We are all encouraged to take advantage of formal and informal mentorship opportunities at CBP. Direct relationships with the Senior Team are the norm, and provide avenues of regular feedback and coaching.

“It’s not knowing everything, but the willingness to use the resources and experiences of those around you.”

I graduated from the University of Cambridge with a MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise and joined CBPartners as an Analyst. I didn’t have a complete sense of what consulting was when I applied, but the work seemed interesting to me. Now in my role, I am heavily involved with the LatAm Centre of Excellence and have moved offices from London to San Francisco with G.R.O.W. Being in the same time zone and having day-to-day personal interactions with others within the Centre of Excellence has strengthened our working bond.

“As an Analyst, I felt like I had impact from day one. A template I developed five years ago is still used by the firm today. It’s very rewarding!”

  • Analyst
  • Senior Analyst

There’s a lot of opportunity to explore interests and grow at CBPartners. Being allocated a pathfinder and coach, while having the chance to talk with both peers and more senior members at the firm is truly beneficial. The transparent communication really reiterates the message to the firm that everyone is important. The social atmosphere has really helped me to integrate into the firm quickly while gaining a broader perspective about the work we do.

“The open culture makes you feel valued and important, even at the entry level.”

The variety of the work is something that I truly enjoy – every project is different, concerning different disease spaces, with different team members from different locations. Having specialised in Molecular Biology I have always been interested in research and healthcare, and then I came across CBPartners at a career fair. In my role I perform a lot of research and analysis while working across different practice areas and methodologies. This has given me great experience – I’m getting a real 360 view of healthcare strategy consulting!

“The work really ties in with my original interests and academic background – I’m always learning!”

Open Positions

Our open vacancies are listed below, and are regularly updated; if you are interested in applying for a role but do not see an open position for the role you wish to apply for, your application will still be reviewed by our recruitment team and we will be in contact if your profile matches current business needs.

New York City, San Francisco, London
Summer Analyst (Internship)
New York City, San Francisco, London
Manager, Commercial Strategic Planning
New York City, San Francisco, London
New York City, San Francisco
Senior Manager, Value, Access, and Pricing
Manager, Commercial Strategic Planning / Portfolio Optimization
New York City, San Francisco, London
Manager, Value, Access, and Pricing

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