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About Us

We are a group of diverse life sciences and biopharmaceutical consultants advising in the healthcare space, public and private. Our experiences span the entire lifecycle from discovery / development, licensing, product launch, to government policy development.

Meet the Leadership Team

Mónica Martín de Bustamante
CEO & Managing Director

Ms. Martin de Bustamante’s career has focused on pharmaceutical global pricing and market access issues for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical products. Her time has been apportioned between the mature and emerging markets, with deep expertise in the USA, EU5, CAN, and JPN. Ms. Martin de Bustamante has worked across the major therapeutic areas (oncology, cardiovascular, neurology, metabolic, autoimmune, gastrointestinal, respiratory, etc.) collaborating on products from their early development, through launch, and following through their lifecycle.

Much of Ms. Martin de Bustamante’s work to date has centered around understanding the barriers to access and reimbursement challenges posed by evolving healthcare systems and evidence requirements. She has extensive global experience in early and late-stage pricing, market access strategies, value proposition development, lifecycle management, generic or biosimilar erosion counterstrategies, and patient support programs.

Ms. Martin de Bustamante has worked within the life sciences consulting industry for over 10 years. She holds a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering and a Bachelors in Romance Languages & Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth College and speaks both Spanish and English at native level fluency.


+1 650 823 9568


Andrew Gould
Senior Principal, Value, Access, and Pricing

Mr. Gould is a Senior Principal in CBPartners’ Value, Access, and Pricing practice, where he leads the U.S. Center of Excellence and focuses on managed markets strategy engagements. His experience has emphasized the development of numerous pricing and access strategies for both pre-launch and in-line assets within the U.S. Specifically, Mr. Gould supports asset development through various engagements, including: early stage / launch pricing, innovative and traditional contracting strategy, market access assessment, target product profile & optimized trial design review, and value message development / testing.

Mr. Gould also has extensive experience engaging with payers and other healthcare stakeholders through various qualitative research methodologies, including in-depth interviews, dyads, live panels / ad-boards, and virtual panels. Additionally, he has led engagements involving quantitative surveys and comprehensive data analyses.

Prior to joining CBPartners, Mr. Gould spent over five years with PriceSpective (ICON). Mr. Gould holds a MS in Biotechnology from Middle Tennessee State University and a BS in Biomedical Science from Auburn University.


+1 917 658 6431


Maximilian Hunt
Senior Principal, Value, Access, and Pricing

Mr. Hunt is a Principal in CBPartners’ Value, Access, and Pricing practice. His experience as a global life sciences strategy consultant spans all stages of product development and a wide range of therapeutic areas, including oncology, inflammatory conditions, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory illnesses, and orphan diseases.

In his time at CBPartners, Mr. Hunt’s engagement work has targeted a variety of commercial business issues related to pricing, access, and value with a focus in pricing and market access strategy in the U.S. and other global developed markets. Mr. Hunt is devoted to delivering innovative and impactful commercial strategy recommendations to biopharmaceutical manufacturers working to navigate the evolving global payer marketplace.

Prior to joining CBPartners, Mr. Hunt worked in the strategy consulting division of Leerink Partners. Mr. Hunt holds a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.


+1 904 553 7784


Miguel Martín de Bustamante
Principal, Value, Access, and Pricing

Mr. Martín de Bustamante works across the firm’s practices, with a focus on Value, Access, and Pricing. He has developed expertise across many related areas, including innovative contracting and access models, strategic product / portfolio positioning, IRP and commercial opportunity based launch sequencing, as well as value positioning across various therapeutic areas. Throughout his tenure at CBPartners, he has led the development of innovative pricing and market access strategies on behalf of major multinational pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies launching major specialty brands in both developed and developing markets.

Geographically, Mr. Martín de Bustamante specialises within Latin America, Asia-Pac, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East / North Africa, as well as the broader European region. He presently serves on CBPartners’ expert panel for all emerging markets, including leadership of the firm’s Latin America Centre of Excellence.

Mr. Martín de Bustamante holds a BA degree in Political Economics & Spanish from the University of California, Berkeley, and speaks both Spanish and English at native level fluency.


+1 415 623 2035


Bami Oshinowo
Principal, Value, Access, and Pricing

Ms. Oshinowo leads engagement work within the Value, Access and Pricing Practice and drives the Early VAP & CP Centre of Excellence at CBPartners. Her primary expertise is on early-stage pipeline issues related to commercial strategy, including competitive positioning, pricing, market access and trial design optimization. Her geographical expertise includes the USA and EU where she routinely advises on business development and licensing decisions, as well as go / no-go pipeline advancement.

She has over 10 years’ experience in life sciences consulting where her work initially focused on generating payer insights for her clients, and then on the development of methods to incorporate physician insights in order to provide a more holistic approach to asset valuation.

Ms. Oshinowo holds an MSc in International Health Management from Imperial College London and a BSc (Hons) in Pharmacology from the University of Edinburgh.


+44 (0)7961 820 076


Tom Rutkowski
Principal, Commercial Strategic Planning

Mr. Rutkowski is a Principal in CBPartners’ Commercial Planning practice and the Portfolio Optimization Center of Excellence.

Mr. Rutkowski’s healthcare commercial planning and strategic marketing experience spans all stages of product development and a broad range of therapeutic areas, including oncology, cardiovascular, respiratory, and orphan diseases. Project expertise includes BD assessment, clinical plan development, product positioning, patient support services, and core market research (e.g., chart studies, buying processes, ATUs, etc.). A particular point of project emphasis for Mr. Rutkowski is his team’s ability to create a cohesive brand strategy by connecting both physician and payer insights.

Mr. Rutkowski has over a decade of experience in healthcare consulting where he has advised both large biopharma clients with diverse portfolios as well as innovative, single-asset biotech clients. Prior to joining CBPartners, Mr. Rutkowski was a marketing consultant for Publicis Sapient (Healthcare practice). Mr. Rutkowski holds a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University with a major in Biological Engineering and a minor in Operation Research and Information Engineering.


+1 631 398 9102


Sam Foner
Senior Director, Marketing and Operations

Mr. Foner leads the Business Operations team at CBPartners, providing oversight of recruitment, marketing, legal, human resources, technology, administration, and operational logistics. The Business Operations team, spread across three of CBPartners’ global offices, sets the standard for nimbleness, effectiveness, and scalability of CBP’s operations.

Mr. Foner has over ten years’ experience in business operations and project management in many sectors including public relations, advertising, and education. Mr. Foner holds a Master of International and Public Affairs degree from the University of Hong Kong, and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.


+1 646 604 0604


Ewa Jezuit
Senior Director, Finance

Ms. Jezuit leads the Finance team and is responsible for the success of the firm’s finance department. With over 10 years of accounting experience, she is responsible for overseeing all financial activities, reporting on revenue, budgeting, strategic planning and financial management, implementing policies, and improving financial processes of CBPartners. She works closely with the senior team to ensure financial health of CBPartners.

Ms. Jezuit holds a B.B.A. in Finance from Baruch College: Zicklin School of Business. Ms. Jezuit is fluent in both Polish and English.


+1 917 402 5301


Our Values

Our core value pillars aim to define the global firm’s success both internally and externally

Our clients
Our people

Emphasize and sustain the pursuit of strategic quality


Appreciate and support the individual within the CBP environment


Embrace individual differences and allow diversity to enrich the firm’s culture and capabilities


Foster creativity, self-awareness, and resilience, all while upholding standards of responsibility

Our people

Client First

Your customers are our customers.
We develop our deliverables in anticipation of the day when you must communicate the same messages to your own colleagues.

You come first. No excuses.
Your timelines are our timelines.
Final meetings don’t mean we’re done – we will see you through your internal socialization meetings to ensure the right message and evidence is delivered.

We are tireless.
Our consultants work around the globe and around the clock. We work, when you aren’t.


You, your situation, and our approach are unique.
Everything we create is from scratch. While we apply our experiences and leverage analogy, we never recycle.


We tell you the truth.
Sometimes the truth can hurt. We won’t pull punches – you need to know the realities of the market awaiting you, and we pledge to deliver that to you.

Integrity is sacred. 
We strive to maintain the highest degree of truth, fairness, and professionalism in all that we do.


We work with you.
Every engagement we execute begins with a working session to ensure everyone’s best thinking is incorporated.
We will challenge your ideas, and anticipate that you will do the same to us.


Maintaining your confidence is our priority.
Through the course of our work, we encounter highly confidential information. This information is firewalled, protected, and applied only to your situation.

Our global network of authorities is exclusive.
Some members of our Global Health Advisory Board only work with us. Our currency is information.

Where We Do It

Our US operations run out of New York City and San Francisco. London, UK is our European regional hub, and our Asian engagements are anchored in Shanghai, China.

GHAB: Global Health Advisory Board

During the course of our lives, we have developed GHAB, the Global Health Advisory Board. Our relationships with GHAB members run deeply – they are personal and professional. We are more than a source of honouraria – we exchange ideas, promote their careers, and help them network. The result is a relationship built on trust.

To become a member of GHAB, contact us at info@cbpartners.com

Director, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation
  • Patient assistance programme development
  • Innovative medicines price cuts / therapeutic area financing
  • Compulsory licensing possibilities in Philippines
  • CBPartners met through a conference in Thailand on ASEAN access to medicines
Republic of Korea
Pharmacy Director, 건강보험심사평가원 (HIRA)
  • Access to high cost therapies in Korea
  • Orphan drug strategy in Korea
  • Pricing policy and future trends
  • Anti-corruption legislation and implementation
  • CBPartners exchanges information on other developing markets adopting HTA
Vice Chairman of Pharmaceuticals, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)
  • Pricing policy for innovative medicines
  • High-cost biologic national reimbursement list
  • Innovative industry trade relations
  • Therapeutic area financing opportunities
  • CBPartners exchanges information on other developing markets experiencing reform
Director, Pharmexcil
  • Intellectual property challenges, specifically Section 3D
  • Local generics industry and trends
  • Biosimilars development
  • Patient assistance programme development
  • CBPartners Principal is a fellow alumnus
Director, National Health Authority
  • Qatari pricing and reimbursement opportunity
  • Strategic investment opportunities for Qatar
  • Trade coalition opportunities with GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council)
  • CBPartners Principal is a fellow alumnus
South Africa
Medical Director, Discovery Health
  • Pricing policy and implementation challenges, with regard to single-exit pricing
  • Private health insurance payer approach to utilisation management
  • Socioeconomic distribution and ability-to-pay stratification
  • CBPartners Principal’s former colleague
Assistant Chairman of Росздравнадзор
  • International reference pricing policy in Russia
  • Price monitoring for importation
  • Pharma2020 reforms and opportunities for multinationals
  • A family friend of a Principal at CBPartners
General Director, Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu
  • Reimbursement potential and value drivers for therapies under development
  • Future of HTA in Turkey
  • Pricing policy and trends for Turkish legislation
  • CBPartners consulted to him and the MoH on global pricing trends
Agence Régionale de Santé Ile-de-France
  • Hospital challenges for access to new, innovative medicines
  • Likelihood of placement on Tarification à l’Activité (T2A)
  • A former client of CBPartners
Agència d’Avaluació de Tecnologia i Recerca Mèdiques de Catalunya
  • New medicines access in Cataluña
  • National pricing negotiations at the Dirección General de Farmacia y Productos Sanitarios
  • Hospital financing outlook for new medicines
  • A family friend of a Principal at CBPartners
West America
Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • National coverage decisions
  • Bundled payment trends
  • End-stage renal disease and dialysis financing
  • Medicaid subsidisation policie
  • CBPartners helped to place her in her current role
East America
Pharmacy Director, Major Specialty Pharmacy
  • Limited distribution strategic options
  • Competitive intelligence on other specialty therapies
  • Practice economics as a driver of utilisation
  • Packaging, storage and wastage as a differentiator
  • CBPartners helped to find him a new position
England / Wales
Health Economist, NICE
  • Oncology guideline development
  • Patient Access Scheme strategy and discounting approach
  • Single technology appraisal (STA) for newly launched oncology therapies
  • UK Cancer Fund experiences
  • CBPartners Principal is a fellow alumna
Director, Sindusfarma
  • High-cost, innovative therapy financing in Sao Paolo
  • Evidence package requirements for hospital access
  • Intellectual property challenges in Brazil
  • CBPartners met at a conference on Latin American access to medicines