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A Week in The Life of an Analyst at CBPartners

July 6, 2020

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Written by: Emily Lewis Luke Wiggins

My Background Before Joining CBPartners

Having grown up in the UK it had never really crossed my mind that I would later move across the pond. During my time at secondary school a series of incredibly fortunate events came together which gave me the opportunity to move to the US and study at University there. After little convincing, I ended up enrolling at Princeton in 2015 and began my American adventure which has led me to be where I am today; an Analyst at CBPartners.

I had the opportunity to take classes across many different subjects at Princeton before choosing to major in neuroscience with a minor in computer science. My studies helped me to explore a wide range of interests and take advantage of the flexibility of my liberal arts degree.

How the Role of a Healthcare Consultant Ignited my Curiosity

I first came across the consulting world in my second or third year of university. It was never really on my radar before that point, but after speaking with some of the on-campus recruiters and understanding what consulting entailed – it really seemed to tick the boxes and ignite my curiosity. I liked the idea of working on multiple projects, being amongst like-minded individuals who were motivated, and working in a competitive industry such as the healthcare space.

In addition to these points, it quickly became apparent that you learn a lot of transferable skills you can take forward in everyday life when working as a consultant. Skills that help you to structure your thinking, be more organized, as well as communicate clearly and effectively.

Why CBPartners Appealed to me

While I was at Princeton, I received the opportunity to interview with CBPartners. I successfully completed the process and was offered a position as a Summer Analyst at the New York office in 2018.

I started my internship in June shortly after I finished my Junior year. The first week was spent in training, where I had the opportunity to get to know my fellow interns and meet members of the senior team. I was shortly staffed on a project that I continued to work on for the majority of my internship. It was rewarding to work through a project from start to finish, it really gave me a great perspective of what consulting is all about. The learning curve was steep, but I came out of the summer with many new skills, experiences, and insights which helped me in my final year of university and prepared me for my career ahead.

Since school, I have always had a soft spot for healthcare. The industry is important to everyone and will in some way impact every person’s life. Healthcare is also enormously complex, not only from a scientific perspective, but there are also very real ethical issues to contend with, alongside huge logistical and practical system challenges.

These aspects really appealed to me, and the industry provides an opportunity to do some good in the world. Healthcare consulting brings together industry challenges and figures out smart ways to overcome them in efficient ways. I have always been keen to better understand how the healthcare system operates and CBPartners has enabled me to be part of a community that is intimately involved at the heart of many of these issues.

What a Typical Week at CBPartners Looks Like

A week normally always starts off with a brief meeting with my project manager. We discuss what is in store for the week ahead and what the main objectives of our work will be in the context of the project we are currently working on. For instance, this week, we are conducting primary research interviews and will be speaking with doctors and health economists from different European countries about their perceptions of a new breast cancer drug. It will be my job to take notes during the interview and convey any key points into a PowerPoint presentation to share with the client. Eventually, we will use these insights to create a full in-depth report about the value drivers of the drug in different markets.

Tuesdays in the New York office always begin with TOPS (Tuesday Office and Project Status update), an office-wide meeting where we discuss operation and project updates as well as the latest big news stories in the healthcare and pharmaceutical world. Everyone is encouraged to take part and it is a valuable opportunity to engage with some of the senior experts at the firm to hear their views about some of the most interesting healthcare developments around the world. We try to touch on a wide range of issues from public health and epidemiology through to mergers and acquisitions.

I am always reminded during these meetings about the wide range of backgrounds we have at the firm – some people have spent years getting their PHDs in the natural sciences, while others have joined from finance or other consulting companies – a truly diverse set of individuals. This always makes for some good conversation with a variety of different perspectives.

Mid-week is usually always where the grind reaches its peak. The project team will have finished our primary research interviews and started to develop our interim reports with feedback for our client. In this instance, it looks like the drug are working with was well received by the experts we talked to, which makes for an insightful report! After delivering the report to the client, I spend some time in the evening writing a few more lines for the thought leadership article I have been working on as an internal initiative. The published blog post can be read here: Clinical Trial Disruptions: Can Small-cap Biopharma Weather the Impact of Covid-19?

To round off the week, we have a firmwide meeting called PIP (Projects Initiatives People) on a Thursday. Here the global offices come together to discuss new projects, introduce new internal initiatives, and detail any changes within the organization. It’s a great chance to break out of project teams and understand what is going on at the company as a whole. It also provides an opportunity to gain some insight into the other impactful projects that CBPartners is working on.

Then on a Friday, we often have a happy hour which is arranged by the local health and wellness committee. It’s a great way to polish off the working week and have informal catch-ups with the rest of the office.

If you’re interested in working at CBPartners, read what our past and present employees have to say about their experience working here via our Firshand (formerly Vault.com) profile, or explore our open positions today and apply for a role.